Car photography

I recently came across this bizarre sight on the freeway near downtown Phoenix — a pickup truck filled with giant cartoony heads.

Miiko, a chronic drive-by shooter, loves taking pictures with her camera phone while on the road. She’s more into sunsets and other scenic shots like these, all taken in Arizona. (more…)

Nap time

Here’s Brandi, our puppy, chilling out at the top of the stairs. Actually, she was taking a nap until I rudely stuck this camera in her face.

It hit 107 degrees today, and the forecast calls for 110 on Sunday. It’s definitely summer. Ugh. This time of year, we wait until the sun begins to set, around 7 p.m., before we walk the dogs. What’s great is that other friendly neighborhood dog owners have timed their walks at the same time, so our pups can chase each other at the park and tire themselves out, while we commiserate about stuff like, you know, the weather.

Oh, for my friends who haven’t visited us, that’s my office to the left.

This charming man

I flipped through the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly this past weekend and noticed a review for a new novel named This Charming Man by Irish author Marian Keyes. It made me think of the book by Douglas Coupland, titled Girlfriend in a Coma. Were they fans of The Smiths? Perhaps. I’m sure there are a few other authors who have been inspired by the band and have named their books after Smiths’ songs. And I’m sure there’s a fan site out there listing those books.

So anyway, that got me thinking. I haven’t started my novel yet, but I’m going to name it after a Smiths’ song, too.

My working title?

*drumroll please*

I started something I couldn’t finish.

ahem! 🙂

The geek in me…

For several weeks, I’ve pondered whether to fly to Chicago in late July for the UNITY journalism conference, where the Asian American, African American, Native American and Latino journalism organizations unite for a week-long gathering. It’s a chance to meet up with current colleagues, reconnect with old friends, and well, party.

A few days ago, I got a spam email, saying: “15 days until pre-registration ends!” The next day, I got an email that said: “14 days until pre-registration ends!” Today, I got an email that read: “50 days until UNITY!”

Well, here’s how I figure it. For the $500 for roundtrip airfare and the $375 it would cost for pre-registration, not to mention food and other expenses, I can buy three new second-generation iPhones for my whole family.

The geek in me wins out!

And yes, I think I’m going to choose the new 3G iPhone over the new BlackBerry Bold.

Blackberrys, the presidential race and Dungeness crab…

This is an illustrated tale of how my donation to my favorite presidential candidate was diverted to seafood bliss.

A month ago, on Tuesday, Feb. 5, I thought the only important thing going on in the world was Super Tuesday and the race for delegates in the Democratic and Republican presidential primaries. (more…)