Puppy Time-Out

Kinda goofy. My dog Robbie, who eats way too fast, puts himself in a time-out to stop himself from trying to steal his sister Brandi’s dinner. He knows if he tries, she’s going to go Cujo on him.



The vet made me do it

Earlier this spring, Brandi, the min-pin, needed surgery to remove a benign tumor from her bottom. So Miiko and I bought a week’s worth of diapers to prevent her from trying to rub the stitches off — and they worked!

Nap time

Here’s Brandi, our puppy, chilling out at the top of the stairs. Actually, she was taking a nap until I rudely stuck this camera in her face.

It hit 107 degrees today, and the forecast calls for 110 on Sunday. It’s definitely summer. Ugh. This time of year, we wait until the sun begins to set, around 7 p.m., before we walk the dogs. What’s great is that other friendly neighborhood dog owners have timed their walks at the same time, so our pups can chase each other at the park and tire themselves out, while we commiserate about stuff like, you know, the weather.

Oh, for my friends who haven’t visited us, that’s my office to the left.

Feed me!

This is Robbie, Miiko’s favorite dog. He knows that if he stares at me long enough, I will eventually cave in and feed him bits off my plate. The Dog Whisperer would not approve, but so what?

Dog Days of Summer

Last week, I strolled into PetSmart on a whim and walked out $21 poorer with a cute, little, round dog bed cradled in my arms. One of our miniature pinschers likes to sleep near my desk in my home office, even as I’m typing away into the wee hours, and for a dog that loyal, it should be rewarded with a comfy bed to sleep in.

I showed it to my wife. “OK. But the dog doesn’t really need it,” she says, as she pauses for a second for dramatic effect. “I know it’s really for you.


This weekend, she calls me from the esthetics, cosmetics and spa conference in Las Vegas, and says: “Guess what I just bought from the show floor? Organic toothpaste for the dogs!”

Ah, I haven’t even begun to give her grief.