Time for some short-attention span blogging.

Remote control misfire: I TiVoed the movie, “Hollywoodland,” a few weeks ago, and was looking forward to having some free time to watch it — and that moment came Sunday night. I reclined on my chair, pressed play, clicked on the information button to get a little blurb on the plot, and I couldn’t read it. It was words, but it was scrambled. I know my eyesight is poor, but this was borderline dyslexia. So I squinted and leaned closer to the TV screen and realized… it was in Spanish. I recorded the movie from HBO’s Latino channel. Argh.

Corn dogs, anyone? So on Monday afternoon I was in this new development anchored by Home Depot three blocks from home when I came across Wienerschnitzel! Yes! Previously, the closest Weinerschnitzel to my home was a 10 to 15 minute drive away. Much too far. I ordered a chili dog, a chili burger and two corn dogs to go. When I reached the window, I told the woman, “I love Wienerschnitzel! When did you open?” She said, “Last Friday. Are you from California?” And I said, “Yup.” Apparently, I’m not the only one from Cali who screamed for joy.

The Californiacation of Arizona continues. We have invaded your state, we’re clogging up your freeways, and now our fast food joints are clogging up your arteries!

Cell phone angst: This year, after six years of watching Little M’s cell phone minutes like a hawk, we finally transitioned her to her own account. So if she ends up with an $800 phone bill one month (yes, it happened once), she would have to pay it with her own money. Anyway, I noticed our service provider recently announced a “Smart Limits” plan, where for $4.99 a month, parents can set limits on the amount of minutes and text messages kids can use on their cell phones. Where was this service years ago when we needed it? It would have saved me from my weekly angst – and as the end of the month neared, my daily angst – of checking minutes.