Musings about baseball… and my friends

I recently started writing a San Francisco Giants blog for the San Jose Mercury News. During the week Giants Talk launched, I wanted to write a posting that would grab people’s attention. So I wrote a column, titled “How I learned to love Bonds again.” What better way to get the flaming started than with a blog where I publicly express affection for Barry, the most hated man in baseball? (more…)

How I learned to stop ignoring and love the blog

Why should I upgrade to Web 2.0 when the original Web works just fine?

That’s what I’ve told myself the last few years as I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched blogs, social networking and photo-sharing Web sites explode. Until now, I’ve just been a consumer of Web 2.0, reading blogs, viewing friends’ photos and watching the occasional goofy YouTube video.

But a confluence of events and realizations last Friday compelled me to take the plunge and enter the blogosphere. (more…)